Hvordan styre Cortana indstillinger vinduer 10 efterår, When you click the manage my search history link, you can clear your browsing history, as well as search history, location activity, and edit your cortana data and the data on microsoft health. How view list searches (søgehistorik), I ran a search recently and it had a lot of stuff in it but i never saved it. it wasn't something i thought i'd need to refer to later so that was no point in saving. i'm hoping it's still in my search history somewhere, but the only way i've ever interacted with my search history is when i've typed the first part of a search i've run before.. Bing - søgehistorik, Your search history isn't available right now. check back later..

How clear cortana search history windows 10, Since cortana learns accent, choices, contact names, app names passage time, option turn cortana search history labeled ‘stop ’. click .. http://slashgenie.com/how-to-clear-cortana-search-history-in-windows-10/ How clear cortana’ search history windows 10, Cortana , don’ cortana’ search history stored, clear information cortana stores . ’ clear cortana’ search history pc bing account.. https://www.howtogeek.com/282512/HOW-TO-CLEAR-CORTANAS-SEARCH-HISTORY-IN-WINDOWS-10/ Windows 10 tip: delete search history cortana, Microsoft deeply integrating virtual assistant, Cortana, vinduer 10. customized experience tracking calendar appointments, typing patters, flights, Søg. https://www.groovypost.com/howto/remove-content-cortana-windows-10/