Cortana - wikipedia, Cortana has a "do-not-disturb" mode in which users can specify "quiet hours", as was available for windows phone 8.1 users. users can change the settings so that cortana calls users by their names or nicknames. it also has a library of "easter eggs", pre-determined remarks.. Cortana . siri . google : early - cnet, Cortana also gives you somewhat of a newsfeed. even when cortana is idle, you can swipe down to see suggestions for locations, headlines, the weather, and other items that cortana thinks you might. Cortana commands, cortana questions list windows 10, Below is a comprehensive cortana commands list for microsoft windows 10 and windows phone 8.1 compatible smartphones. cortana is a digital personal assistant app that allows you to interact and operate a windows phone using voice commands.. cortana is able recognize commands and questions spoken and in natural language, giving the app the ability to interpret an infinite number of commands..

Everything cortana windows 10, There ways cortana: voice commands, type commands start menu. choose , enable “hey cortana” feature.. Cortana’ world -, The smartest ai universe human . “cortana softer version halsey, romantic ,” . “’ alter ego.” artificial life price. safety measure, years ais -destruct essentially thinking death.. Meet cortana: ultimate guide windows 10' helpful, Training cortana. create favorite location, search address, give nickname optionally identify home work. afterward, cortana associates address nickname/identifier ’ directions, setting reminders, ..