Cortana commands, cortana questions list windows 10, Cortana commands list for microsoft windows 10 & windows phone 8.1. see cortana voice commands and cortana questions, submit commands, see nfl pics and predictions, and more.. Cortana - halopedia, halo encyclopedia, "i know what you're thinking, and it's crazy. unfortunately for us both i like crazy." — cortana to john-117 on cairo station. cortana (ai serial number: ctn 0452-9) is a "smart" ai formerly in service with the united nations space command.. Cortana, iphone text messaging - microsoft community, No, you do not have this correct. when i sent a text message with cortana on my desktop, it sent it through my secondary windows phone. i want it to send text messages using my iphone number..

Why cortana windows 10 pc laptop uk, Why isn’ cortana windows 10 pc? visit cortana windows phone 8.1 features : cortana windows phone step--step : 1. open settings.. Cortana | halo nation | fandom powered wikia, Cortana john-117, seemingly sole survivors pillar autumn ' crew battle installation 04, discovered small number unsc personnel escaped ring pelican dropship.. How turn android phone windows 10 pc , How turn android phone windows 10 pc dynamic duo cortana cortana great tricks sleeve—including — great companion windows 10 user android..