Windows 10 Customer Service phone Number


Here are Windows 10 Customer Service phone Number for US / UK / CA / AU :

Windows 10 Technical Support USA 1-800-519-6899
Windows 10 Technical Support UK +44-800-086-8333
Windows 10 Technical Support

How disable cortana windows 10, Home users: disable cortana via the registry. if you have windows 10 home, you’ll have to edit the windows registry to make these changes. you can also do it this way if you have windows 10 professional or enterprise, but just feel more comfortable working in the registry as opposed to group policy editor.. Fix problems start men - windows , On windows 10 home and windows 10 professional, provide a name for the user and a password, and then select next. on windows 10 enterprise, select i don’t have this person’s sign-in information , and then select add a user without a microsoft account ..

How reset cortana windows 10 fix problems, Well, windows 10, cortana. cortana virtual assistant ( personal assistant digital agent) microsoft.. Fix: cortana working windows 10 - intowindows., Cortana, personal digital assistant microsoft, features windows 10. feature, exclusive windows phone couple months , part windows 10, released android operating system .. Known issues windows desktop search cortana , Issue 1 desktop search cortana ' find shortcut files (.lnk) symptoms computer ' running windows 10, desktop search cortana, find shortcut files (files .lnk extension)..