Hey cortana, hell set timer 20, Bug hey cortana, why the hell can you set a timer for bug that cortana only sets timers for >10 minutes or i type "set timer for 5 minutes" like. Can cortana set timer? : windows10 - reddit., Pc keeps waking up from 'sleep' every 5 minutes or so (after having set the computer to go to sleep if there's no activity after 5 minutes) can cortana set a timer?.

How set timer cortana windows 10, The latest windows 10 preview build 14352 introduces ability set timer cortana. “hey cortana, set timer 10 minutes. http://windowsreport.com/set-a-timer-cortana-windows-10/ 30 minutes timer - online stopwatch, A 30 minutes timer. timer easily time 30 minutes. fullscreen free!. http://www.online-stopwatch.com/timer/30minutes/ Commands set timer cortana windows 10, method, Commands set timer cortana windows 10 revise copy hey cortana, set timer 5 minutes line paste . http://www.howto-connect.com/commands-timer-cortana-windows-10/