How clear cortana’ search history windows 10, So, if you only wanted to clear the search history, but want cortana to continue learning about you, click “get to know me” to turn the search history back on. the popup dialog box shown in the above image displays again with a “turn on” button. click that button to re-enable cortana’s search history. note that cortana has to start getting to know you from scratch again.. How manage cortana settings windows 10 fall, When you click the manage my search history link, you can clear your browsing history, as well as search history, location activity, and edit your cortana data and the data on microsoft health. Bing - search history, Sign in to save your search history settings and roam them across different browsers and computers..

Cortana show search history ~ april 2019 , Cortana show search history, related cortana show search history, april 2019. Where find cortana command/search history, It bing/edge/windows search history. ' today' case: listening political podcast couple hours. ' today' case: listening political podcast couple hours.. Cortana showed porn asked "pi, To matters worse, time subsequently opened cortana shows search history "show porn" . potentially embarrassing explain search history wife employer ( laptop work). "safe" setting cortana , set default?.