Where Can I Find My history On Cortana

Where Can I Find My history On Cortana? here are the checklist before use the cortana hystory work : make sure “history view” is ON SignIn to your microsoft account Approving protected info, in this case i use microsoft account… Continue Reading

reinstall cortana windows 10 pc

If you don’t want or need Cortana. Microsoft should give us option of uninstalling somewhere. I also don’t want the Search2 tracking my stuff. Search will still work in Explorer and Ctrl+F will still work in documents. Once done it… Continue Reading

Clean removal of system apps

uninstall cortana windows 10 pc

Here are steps to Clean removal of system apps (bypass error 0x80073CFA) :

Try removing the system package using Remove-AppxPackage

Run cmd as SYSTEM using PsExec (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897553.aspx)

uninstall cortana windows 10 pc 2

uninstall cortana windows 10 pc 2

Remove-AppxPackage cortana windows 10

Remove-AppxPackage cortana windows 10

Windows 10 Customer Service phone Number


Here are Windows 10 Customer Service phone Number for US / UK / CA / AU :

Windows 10 Technical Support USA 1-800-519-6899
Windows 10 Technical Support UK +44-800-086-8333
Windows 10 Technical Support

How to reinstall Cortana?

reinstall cortana windows 10

If you lose same file or cortana package, the cortana won't work correctly. you need reinstall cortana app by follow this guide :

Download the following 3 CAB files from my Dropbox:


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