How cortana hear loud clear windows 10, How to help cortana hear you loud and clear in windows 10 fahad al-riyami email @fahdriyami jul 24th, 2015 in how-to one of the big new features available in windows 10 is cortana, the virtual.

Cortana working? 8 ways fix fast - lifewire, Let cortana respond “hey cortana” talk cortana. respond “hey cortana” talk cortana. desired, cortana device locked. microphone cortana hear , click started. work wizard set microphone.. 7 ways fix cortana ' hear - troubleshooter, 3. updates installed reboot pc fix cortana ’ hear problem. method 3: manually set microphone’ volume levels. 1.-click volume icon system tray click recording devices. 2. -click default microphone select properties.. Fix: cortana working windows 10 - ampercent., Fix: cortana working windows 10. cortana digital assistants initially windows phone . voice microphone cortana, access blocked stopped , access cortana voice command. , voice command, utilize .