Muting microphone - windows 10 forums, Why does my microphone keep muting itself after every restart?. Newest 'microphone' questions - super user, I have done the set up. read the "peter" statement which picks up just fine. it says everything has been fixed, but when i hit the mic to speak to cortana, she says she can't hear anything.. Why window 10 ' text large, resize , Microphone still missing in the search the web and windows bar, cortana still not working! help needed, thanks, carol.

How cortana google bing - windows, One highlights released windows 10 operating system cortana. unfamiliar, cortana digital personal assistant . [tip] disable cortana bing search results windows 10, [tip] disable cortana bing search results windows 10 - people notice windows 10 desktop installation, big search box present taskbar. search box cortana, digital personal assistant implemented windows 10. cortana replaced traditional search box present start menu . Reinstall cortana windows 10 pc step step bypass error, If don’ cortana. microsoft give option uninstalling . don’ search2 tracking stuff..