reinstall cortana windows 10 pc

If you don’t want or need Cortana. Microsoft should give us option of uninstalling somewhere. I also don’t want the Search2 tracking my stuff. Search will still work in Explorer and Ctrl+F will still work in documents. Once done it… Continue Reading

Cortana working? 8 ways fix fast, When cortana stops working, try these windows 10 cortana fixes to get her going again.. Restore reinstall windows store windows 10 , If you removed all windows 10 apps with powershell, here is how to restore and reinstall windows store in windows 10 back again.. How remove default windows 10 apps powershell 3, Find out how to use powershell to remove any windows 10 universal app, including the built-in apps, like camera, games or even the store.. &, Receive applications installed correctly error? post fixes.. Reinstall microsoft edge ? - microsoft community, Hello padma, workarounds perform fix crashing microsoft edge. option reinstall reset . , recommend create system restore point, proceed steps:. How reinstall microsoft edge browser - , Facing issues microsoft edge browser? problem. reset reinstall microsoft edge browser windows 10 ease simple command powershell windows admin mode..