reinstall cortana windows 10 pc

If you don’t want or need Cortana. Microsoft should give us option of uninstalling somewhere. I also don’t want the Search2 tracking my stuff. Search will still work in Explorer and Ctrl+F will still work in documents. Once done it… Continue Reading

Fix: ' activate cortana windows 10 - windows report, Windows 10 brought so many improvements and features, and one of the most anticipated was microsoft personal assistant called cortana. although cortana sounds amazing, some users are reporting that they can’t activate cortana in windows 10, so let’s see if we can fix that.. Fix cortana working windows 10 - windows , Step 1. open device manager on your system. you can also open it from start menu by right clicking on the start menu and select device manager.. How reinstall store apps windows 10, Perhaps you want to reinstall windows store app to fix its issues or perhaps you want to reinstall all apps that ship with windows 10. or maybe, you have accidentally uninstalled the store app or any other app and now want to restore the same, but not sure how to do that..

Reinstall microsoft solitaire collection windows 10 , Reinstall microsoft solitaire collection windows 10 command prompt. experiencing issues games solitaire collection freecell, mshearts, spider, winmine cards.dll ' opening windows 10, reinstall microsoft solitaire collection game address issue command prompt.. [guide] reinstall default built- apps - askvg, [guide] reinstall default built- apps windows 10. previous tutorials, told uninstall remove built- modern apps windows 10: [tip] uninstall modern apps windows 10. Restore reinstall windows store windows 10 , 216 thoughts “ restore windows store windows 10 removing powershell ” mdj . don‘ ‘ correct remove bundled apps ..