reinstall cortana windows 10 pc

If you don’t want or need Cortana. Microsoft should give us option of uninstalling somewhere. I also don’t want the Search2 tracking my stuff. Search will still work in Explorer and Ctrl+F will still work in documents. Once done it… Continue Reading

How reinstall microsoft edge browser windows 10, How to reinstall microsoft edge browser in windows 10 if you are having a computer problem with your edge browser like * edge browser does not open when. Fix cortana working windows 10 - windows, Learn how to fix cortana is not working issue in windows 10 and also learn to cortana is missing or cortana is disabled issue in windows 10.. Cortana windows 10 search finding desktop, If cortana cannot find desktop apps, programs, documents, music, control panel items or anything for that matter, on your windows 10 computer, this post will help you..

Windows 10 start menu reinstall, I problem windows 10 start menu. visited page Restore reinstall windows store windows 10 , If removed windows 10 apps powershell, restore reinstall windows store windows 10 .. How reinstall store apps windows 10, Here reinstall store apps windows 10. method 1. reinstall preinstalled apps powershell. step 1: open powershell admin rights..