Re-installing cortana solved - windows 10 forums, Similarly, i can find an entry for cortana in the all apps listing on the start menu, but clicking it does nothing. if i do a search for cortana in the search menu, it brings up an entry for "cortana & search settings system settings" but again, clicking this does nothing.. Download cortana official microsoft download center, Cortana is your personal digital assistant in windows 10. she gets to know you and helps you get things done, letting you interact with her in a way that’s easy and natural..

Windows 10 - reinstall cortana? - super user, How reinstall cortana? question. vote 3 vote favorite. 2. reference : completely disable cortana windows 10? removed cortana packages running windows 10 method posted magicandre1981 win6x_registry_tweak.. Reinstall -register cortana windows 10 | windows, How reinstall -register cortana windows 10 cortana cloud-based personal assistant works devices microsoft services. depending capabilities device version cortana ’ , cortana provide range features, personalized.. How reinstall cortana windows 10 - windows 10 free apps, In article, learn reinstall cortana windows 10. ’ cortana windows 10, cortana working, reinstalling app package cortana -registering cortana fix . reinstall cortana windows 10 powershell..