Clean removal of system apps

uninstall cortana windows 10 pc

Here are steps to Clean removal of system apps (bypass error 0x80073CFA) :

Try removing the system package using Remove-AppxPackage

Run cmd as SYSTEM using PsExec (

Remove-AppxPackage cortana windows 10 pc

Remove-AppxPackage cortana windows 10

Remove-AppxPackage cortana windows 10

How uninstall windows 10’ built- apps ( , Get-appxpackage *xboxapp* | remove-appxpackage reinstall built- apps decide preinstalled apps , reinstall single line powershell code.. How remove pre-installed windows 10 applications wit, Once apps ' remove, simply pipe result -appxpackage remove-appxpackage. , candy crush saga windows 10 computer gaming ' remove .. Remove-appxprovisionedpackage, To remove app packages (.appx) provisioned remove package user , remove-appxpackage . examples 1: remove app package image.