Start menu cortana working - repair windows™, Perform a windows 10 repair to to fix windows 10 start menu and cortana not working issues. if you still face problems with start menu & cortana, then perform a repair of your windows 10 installation by using the instructions mentioned in this article:. Cortana working? 8 ways fix fast - lifewire, Cortana can only work if she’s enabled, and she can only hear your voice if there’s a microphone available. if she’s not enabled you might also find that the windows button is not working.. How fix cortana windows 10 anniversary update, Yesterday, i wrote about a flaw in windows 10 anniversary update that completely disables cortana on some machines. i have no idea why anniversary update clobbers cortana..

Fix problem cortana windows speech recognition, Some people difficulty opening cortana windows speech recognition. ' fix . mobility issues assistance keyboard / mouse steps.. Repair cortana windows 10 ~ april 2019 cortana, How repair cortana start menu windows 10?, ‘ call beginning . beginning. start .’ .. eliot. 24 hours windows 10’ release, 14 million people upgraded current system version.. fix start menu cortana working windows 10, fix start menu cortana working windows 10 trouble opening start menu click context menu cortana. Windows 10 - reinstall cortana? - super user, Use setting disable cortana, removing cortana!!!!! removed files, generate cabs steps posted . replace flash commands cortana..