Where Can I Find My history On Cortana

Where Can I Find My history On Cortana? here are the checklist before use the cortana hystory work : make sure “history view” is ON SignIn to your microsoft account Approving protected info, in this case i use microsoft account… Continue Reading

7 steps clear cortana’ search history windows 10, It confesses that if you use cortana, windows uploads “your address book, browsing history, calendar, contacts, location, messages from texting apps, and so on” to microsoft. by doing this microsoft intends to make cortana work better.. Turn cortana browsing history permissions , Turn on or off cortana using your microsoft edge browsing history in windows 10 cortana is your cloud-based personal assistant that works across your devices and other microsoft services.. Cortana privacy – microsoft privacy, To stop cortana from using browsing history: on a windows 10 device, open cortana’s home from the search box on the taskbar. go to cortana’s settings, then select permissions & history. select manage the information cortana can access from this device. turn off browsing history..

How clear cortana’ search history windows 10, Cortana , don’ cortana’ search history stored, clear information cortana stores . ’ clear cortana’ search history pc bing account.. https://www.howtogeek.com/282512/HOW-TO-CLEAR-CORTANAS-SEARCH-HISTORY-IN-WINDOWS-10/ View cortana music search history - windows central forums, I phone . assume looked music search page. (hold search button activate cortana, tap music note upper corner.. https://forums.windowscentral.com/windows-10-mobile-insider-preview/404013-view-cortana-music-search-history.html How view clear activity history windows 10, The cortana search history usage statistic, edge browser history, preferences saved online microsoft account. location data, voice commands cloud . linked devices microsoft band windows phone collect information .. https://www.msftnext.com/view-clear-activity-history-windows-10/