Where Can I Find My history On Cortana

Where Can I Find My history On Cortana? here are the checklist before use the cortana hystory work : make sure “history view” is ON SignIn to your microsoft account Approving protected info, in this case i use microsoft account… Continue Reading

Where find cortana command/search history, Open cortana and enter history of england you should now see web results, probably a summary followed by information from wikipedia switch back to you homescreen. How clear cortana’ search history windows 10 – tech, How to clear cortana’s search history in windows 10 cortana in windows 10 is more than a simple search feature. it’s a personal assistant similar to siri on ios or ok google on android.. How view clear activity history windows 10, The activity history is used for the cortana’s pick up where you left off feature. the feature allows you to resume apps, docs and other activities that you were doing before restarting your pc..

Turn cortana browsing history permissions , Turn cortana microsoft edge browsing history windows 10 cortana cloud-based personal assistant works devices microsoft services.. https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/81383-turn-off-cortana-browsing-history-permissions-windows-10-a.html How clear cortana’ search history windows 10, To clear cortana’ search history pc, open start menu click “settings” gear icon. windows settings dialog box, click “privacy”. list options left, click “speech, inking, & typing”.. https://www.howtogeek.com/282512/HOW-TO-CLEAR-CORTANAS-SEARCH-HISTORY-IN-WINDOWS-10/ How view cortana voice search history windows 10, Cortana respond voice commands. invoke ‘hey cortana’ command, custom , open windows search box click speaker icon activate . cortana collects bit information log voice […]. https://news.zillowtech.com/how-to-view-cortana-voice-search-history-on-windows-10/