Why isn’ cortana region language? | , You are live in the region or country that supported by cortana, but somehow cortana can not be used in your windows 10, here is the answer and how to fix it. Why isn’ cortana windows 10 pc?, Why isn’t cortana available on my windows 10 pc solution to enable cortana for your region & language regions & languages: in order to use cortana, your region & language settings have to be aligned..

Why cortana region language? | cortana, Why cortana region language? cortana countries/regions: china, france, germany, italy, spain, united kingdom, united states.. http://cortanawindows10.net/why-isnt-cortana-in-my-region-or-language/ Why isn’ cortana region language? – windows 10, At launch, cortana support selected language provide insufficient incorrect translations -supported language configurations. supported region language settings. refer link supported regions languages cortana.. http://windows-10-help.pro/why-isnt-cortana-in-my-region-or-language/ Why ’ cortana windows 10 pc? - , Why ’ cortana windows 10 pc? cortana japan, australia, cortana isn’ supported region language ’ve. http://www.howtogethelpinwindows10free.com/2016/05/why-isnt-cortana-available-windows.html