Why ’ cortana windows 10 pc? - , Cortana isn’t supported in the region and language you’ve selected.” to get cortana activated, type your question in search bar. otherwise user can easily talk to ms. cortana by selecting microphone option.. How enable cortana world windows 10, If cortana isn’t available in your country or language and you’d like to try a virtual assistant that is, give another one a try. for example, the google now feature built into google chrome for windows is currently available in 79 countries around the world.. Why cortana windows 10 pc? - quora, Assuming you have an active internet connection and you've enabled cortana, microsoft has this to say about cortana availability: to use cortana, your region and language settings have to be aligned..

Why isn’ cortana region language? - microsoft, 1. change language settings (settings > language) english version -- english india / australia / canada -- accordance place ’ based . 2. longer required living cortana phone. change region settings (settings > region) india, australia, canada.. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-win_cortana/why-isnt-cortana-in-my-region-or-language/31f5d6a4-c327-4a52-814e-d80ba9f31168 Why isn’ cortana region language? - , If region language , cortana , answers forum moderator microsoft community answered questions windows 10 users cortana located region language supported cortana.. https://www.windows10help.net/why-isnt-cortana-in-my-region-or-language/ Build 10162 cortana wont work australia? - microsoft, Cortana countries/regions: australia. ". region set australia, language set australia, told download australian language pack ( download (gb) version /) speech option uk.. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_cortana/build-10162-cortana-wont-work-in-australia/07507efe-d6a0-4be8-a56c-5b05ed9a9e28