Why cortana windows 10 pc? - quora, Why isn't cortana available in windows 10 (india)? how do you enable cortana in windows 10? can we use windows 10 in a pc? with the change of cortana’s region,. Microsoft cortana asia launch, Phones microsoft cortana will not be available in asia at launch. psyched about microsoft's newest voice assistant? if you live in the asia pacific region, the bad news is that this feature will not be available from the get-go..

Why cortana windows 10 pc?, Why isn’ cortana windows 10 pc solution enable cortana region & language regions & languages: order cortana, region & language settings aligned. click list regions cortana windows 10 , language regions.. https://windows10user.com/why-isnt-cortana-available-on-my-windows-10-pc.html Why cortana windows 10 pc? solution, How windows 10. question " cortana windows 10 pc cortana region.. http://www.gethelpinwindows10errors.com/2017/06/why-isnt-cortana-not-available.html Why ’ cortana windows 10 pc? - , Why ’ cortana windows 10 isn’ cortana windows 10 cortana isn’ supported region language ’ve. http://www.howtogethelpinwindows10free.com/2016/05/why-isnt-cortana-available-windows.html