Why ’ cortana windows 10 pc? - , So this answer why isn’t cortana available on my windows 10 pc (personal computer) with setup and language packs. cortana is a key ingredient and also a personal assistant developed by microsoft for windows 10 and windows 8.1, suitable for workstations as well as mobile phones to do silly things.. Why cortana windows 10 pc? - quora, There is a question about why is not cortana available on my windows 10 pc? if cortana is not on pc windows 10 you do not panic first. we have some solutions for you so cortana can appear / available in your windows 10.. Why isn’ cortana windows 10 pc, To use cortana, your region and language settings have to be aligned. check the following list of regions where cortana is available, and the corresponding language for each of those regions..

Cortana windows 10 pc. - microsoft community, Original title: cortana windows phone pc cortana installed default windows phone, working perfectly. windows 10 pc .. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-win_cortana/cortana-not-available-on-windows-10-pc/62b596f5-dd2c-47b8-a009-ad92c0aff48e Why cortana windows 10 pc | , Why isn’ cortana windows 10 pc admin april 23, 2016 april 10, 2019 comments isn’ cortana windows 10 pc question cortana windows 10 pc? cortana pc windows 10 panic .. https://intowindows10.com/why-isnt-cortana-available-on-my-windows-10-pc/ Why cortana australia windows 10, Why cortana australia windows 10 computer users? exiting feature windows 10, 10 australia, give ?, woulod microsoft toi siri apple device, . https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-win_cortana/why-is-cortana-not-available-in-australia-for/0cc9bd66-17ab-441e-a406-93315a988eec