Build 10162 cortana wont work australia? - Microsoft, & allow cortana to use speech and language english (Australia). try raising a feedback to ask for this option & to fix cortana to allow speech and language english (Australia). 1. if you downloaded the english (united states) version of the windows 10 iso. then you need to set all tabs in region settings in control panel to english (united states). 2.. Why cortana working australians windows 10, Why cortana isn't working for australians in windows 10 yet. angus kidman you can change your region and language settings to i just hope they will add english australia support for. Perché Cortana linguaggio regione isn’? - Microsoft, 1. change the language settings (impostazioni > Lingua) to any of the different english version -- english india / Australia / Canada -- in accordance with the place you’re based in. 2. you are no longer required to be living at us to have cortana on your phone. change the region settings (impostazioni > regione) to india, Australia, or canada..

Why cortana region language? por , Why cortana region language? por cortana ã está em minha regiã ou meu idioma? Paesi / regioni Cortana: Cina, Francia, Germania, Italia, Spagna, Regno Unito, united states.. Why isn’ cortana windows 10 pc?, In order cortana, regione & language settings aligned. click list regions cortana windows 10 , language regions.. Why ’ cortana windows 10 pc? - , In coming months, cortana japan, Australia, Canada (english ), india (english ) brazil, mexico, Canada (french).cortana isn’ supported region language ’ve selected.”. cortana activated, type question search bar..