How reset cortana | windows forum, Hi neemobeer, not sure when or if you and this message will ever catch up with each other but for what it is worth i am extremely grateful to you for taking the time and making the effort to post this tutorial on how to reset cortana.. 直します: コルタナ作業ウィンドウ 10 - intowindows。, コルタナ, マイクロソフトからのパーソナル・デジタル・アシスタント, ウィンドウで利用可能な新機能の一つであります 10. 機能, which was exclusive to windows phone till a couple of months ago, is now part of windows 10, and has just been released for android operating system as well.. どのように完全にリセットコルタナの窓 10 パーソナルコンピュータ , Resetting cortana on your device is a very simple and straightforward process. all you have to do is first disable her and then re-enable her again. then, cortana will have forgotten every piece of information she knew about you on your device. それを行うには, open cortana's notebook and go to the.

解決済み: ビデオ: ハードリセットの削除コルタナ , もし, , ウィンドウズ 10 cortana -responsive ( don’ cortana) show remove -add cortana perform hard reset . real repair cortana fully.. HTTPS:// How hard reset cortana prompt mic setup, My mic works pretty cortana, ' find calibration , completely start cortana fresh, reset cortana. restart cortana fresh?. HTTPS:// Reset cortana - 中央の窓, In order reset cortana remove data stored, manual process. 1.disable cortana - settingsàapplications (swipe)àcortanaàturn 2.restart phone. HTTPS://