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Why cortana windows 10 pc | , Hvorfor isn’Cortana vinduer 10 pc april 23, 2016 , admin , leave comment question cortana windows 10 pc? cortana pc windows 10 panic .. https://intowindows10.com/why-isnt-cortana-available-on-my-windows-10-pc/ Why cortana windows 10 pc? - quora, The issue cortana windows 10 pc trace reason. supported region. supported region. change location country cortana preferably usa.. https://www.quora.com/Why-isnt-Cortana-available-on-my-Windows-10-PC Why isn’ cortana windows 10 pc?, Cortana’ regions languages regions & languages. Cortana, region language settings aligned. list regions cortana , language regions.. https://win10.support/why-isnt-cortana-available-on-my-windows-10-pc/