reinstall cortana windows 10 pc

If you don’t want or need Cortana. Microsoft should give us option of uninstalling somewhere. I also don’t want the Search2 tracking my stuff. Search will still work in Explorer and Ctrl+F will still work in documents. Once done it… Continue Reading

How to reinstall Cortana?

reinstall cortana windows 10

If you lose same file or cortana package, the cortana won't work correctly. you need reinstall cortana app by follow this guide :

Download the following 3 CAB files from my Dropbox:


How enable 'hey, cortana' windows 10 - cnet, There you'll find a switch to enable hey cortana. click on it to slide it to the on position. you can now go about using your computer as you normally would, and whenever you need cortana to perform a task, start by saying, "hey, cortana," followed by your command. i've found you have to continue with your command immediately after the activation prompt, instead of waiting for cortana to load and indicate that it's listening.. Reinstall cortana : windows10 - reddit, Windows 10 update history; frequently asked questions; clean windows 10 installation; windows community wiki; general rules. follow reddiquette. keep it civil and on topic. comments or posts that are disrespectful or encourage harassment of others (including witch-hunts of any kind) are not allowed. do not post pirated content or promote it in any way..

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